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Mobile Car Valet Services in the UK

Why choose a Gtechniq ceramic coating?

Gtechniq have been the market leader for over 20 years and practically invented the industry.

There are a lot of lesser products on the market as the industry is completely unregulated.

If you want to be sure of getting a top quality product go with Gtechniq the original and the best.

Benefits of a Gtechniq ceramic coating.

When your paintwork has been properly prepared the Gtechniq coating will seep into the paint and bond with it. When prepped and applied by our expert detailers this coating will last between 3-5 years

The quality of the finish and the endurance of the product is far superior to traditional carbon based paint protection systems.

The ceramic coating is 3 times more scratch resistant than the factory clear coat. This means it is much tougher to put swirl marks in when washing the car. It also offers far greater protection against bird droppings, stone chips and road grime.

Mobile Car Valet Services in the UK

Ceramic Coating Results:

Mobile Car Valet Services in the UK

When the ceramic coating has been applied the finish is superior to that of a brand new car. The paintwork of your car will appear liquid as you walk around it, reflecting all the angles like never before.

The price for this product will depend on the condition of your vehicle which will dictate the amount of preparation work needed. It will also depend on the number of layers of protection you require. Prices start from £499 for a limited time only.

We usually recommend at least two layers to be sure of a good level of protection, but having up to four layers is of extra benefit.

As every vehicle and owners requirements are different please call for a quote on

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Mobile Car Valet Services in the UK

Gtechniq Ceramic Coating