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Internal Only Valets

Standard interior only- This is a 5 point Interior only valet.

  • The entire car, including the boot area, vacuumed to a very high level. Please consider that some car carpets are easier to clean than others (French and Ford cars being the worst, German cars being the best. The quality of the carpet is the key factor). 
  • – All plastic and vinyl cleaned, then buffed and conditioned. 
  • – All interior glass and mirrors polished. 
  • – All door and boot openings cleaned. 
  • – All controls, dials, door pockets, and rubber linings cleaned, dressed, and brush vacuumed.

Average job time – Small: 25 min / Medium: 30 min / Large: 35 min / XL: 45 min (All job times are based on the average time taken by a team of two valeters working constantly).

All our prices include VAT.


Superior interior only- This is an 10 point Interior only valet.

In addition to the standard interior valet mentioned above:

– Seats (if fabric), mats, and carpets are spray extraction cleaned. This is the deepest level of cleaning we can offer for fabrics, and the results are very good. However, stains need to be removed as soon as possible to have the maximum effect. Please bear this in mind, as we cannot promise to remove every stain. 

– All interior leather (including seats if applicable) is sponge scrubbed over then cloth cleaned. All leather is conditioned with a leather care balm to help prevent cracking and revive the shine. 

– Interior roof (headlining) spray extraction cleaned for marks and to refresh the appearance.

 – Interior glass protected with an anti-mist treatment.

 – All seat rails and hidden plastic and vinyl cleaned and dressed.


Average job times for Superior interior, Small – 1 hour/ Medium 1 hour 20 minutes/ Large 1 hour 40 minutes/ XL 2 hours ( Times based on a team of 2 valeters)

Extra’s for interior valets-

1: Chewing gum/sticky sweets etc. removal – £5 per spot. This is due to the cost of the removal (freezing) chemical used. A spot could be in the carpet, or in a door pocket, or beyond.

2: Pet hair removal. All our valets include light pet hair removal, but if you have dogs in your car, please be aware of a possible extra charge of between £10 and £25 if you wish us to remove 99% of all the hairs.

3: Odour decontamination. For this, we use a thermally barreled fogging machine. The superheated barrel splits the neutron particles upon leaving it. This produces an incredibly fine mist that seeps deep into the fabrics, plastics, and leathers of the car, killing odor and bacteria at the core. Two hours minimum will be needed afterward for the fog to do its work. Some cars will need to be left overnight. It is at a cost of £50 per application when booked on its own. This includes a repeat visit if needed. If the fogging service is booked alongside any valet, then the fogging cost is discounted to £30. This process is particularly effective at killing off tobacco smells, dog and pet odors, mold and damp problems, vomit smells, and many other odors.

  1. If your car is a messy kid zone, please mention this when booking, as an extra charge may be applicable in some cases.

Gold valet- This is our 13 point valet

– The vehicle is initially sprayed with a mild chemical wash that removes grit and dissolves grease and stubborn residue. 

– Exterior washed, then a liquid wax applied. This is not a hand polish or wax. This liquid wax will last around two weeks in terms of protection. 

– All exterior bodywork microfibre towel dried to leave a streak-free finish. 

– Wheels, tires, and wheel arches are cleaned, dressed, and protected. 

– All glass and mirrors inside and out are cleaned and polished. 

– All door and boot shuts cleaned and polished. 

– All interior plastic and vinyl trim is cleaned and dressed. 

– All controls, dials, and switches are brush vacuumed to remove any last traces of dust and grit. 

– All areas vacuumed throughout, including hidden/underneath areas, compartments, and rubber seal linings.

 – Ashtrays cleaned, and all rubbish removed from the vehicle. 

– Gear stick and steering wheel leather cleaned and conditioned with a leather care balm. This will help prevent the leather from cracking but needs to be applied every 3 months to have the maximum effect. 

– Seats, leather, or fabric are spot-cleaned for small stains and marks. 

– Spray or hanging logo deodorizer applied as requested.

If your car has suffered water damage or mold problems, please contact us straight away for a quote and advice.


Platinum valet- This is our 18 point valet

Same as the gold valet above, plus:

– Seat upholstery and mats (not the carpet) spray extraction cleaned, shampooed, and deodorized. 

– If you have leather seats, these are cleaned and conditioned with leather care balms. Prevents cracking in leather when applied regularly. 

– Exterior vinyl trim restored to the original color and waxed with a special exterior trim wax to seal in the color for up to 6 months.

 – Bodywork hand-polished with a suitable product for your paint type. This is particularly effective at reviving the shine on black or dark-colored cars. 

– Wheel arches, springs, and mud flaps deep cleaned and dressed.

All our prices include VAT and materials.


Diamond valet- This is our 23 point valet

Same as the Platinum valet above, plus:

– All floor and boot carpets shampooed and deodorized. 

– Interior headlining (Roof), including struts, spray extraction cleaned, spot mark cleaned, and then deodorized (Don’t worry, we will not oversaturate the roof to avoid sagging the lining). 

– Alloy and steel wheels deep cleaned to remove stubborn deposits and marking. We use either an acid or acid-free cleaner depending on the wheel type. The wheels are then twice waxed with a suitable wheel wax to prevent rusting and further staining. 

– All stubborn tar stains, bug residue, and tree sap stains removed. 

– All bodywork treated to remove traces of old waxes and polishes, leaving a more even surface prior to new wax and polish applications.


Diamond Deluxe valet- This is our 31 point valet

This valet is the same as the Diamond valet above, plus:

– All upholstery steam cleaned, detailed, and deodorized. 

– All rubber seals around the doors and inside deep cleaned, cleared, and balm protected. 

– Mist X applied to front interior glass panels. This helps prevent the dangers associated with misted windows. 

– All bodywork pre-treated with a suitable paint renovator. This is done before polishing work. This will revive the paint’s color and finish. 

– All tires are pressure checked and inflated if needed. 

– Screenwash fluid topped up. 

– Chrome tailpipes polished and de-tarred. – Engine bay area degreased and dressed.


Ultra Diamond Deluxe- This is our top 35 point valet

This valet, our top mobile service, is the same as the Diamond deluxe valet above, plus:

– Ultra-fine attention to detail throughout. Please specify any special requests when you book in, and we will be happy to oblige.

– Spray extraction cleaning of seats, mats, and carpets as well as the headlining, with deep cleaning attachments throughout. Two coats of Scotch-guard are added to all fabrics at two separate stages. This treatment will prevent future staining.

– Clay barring of all panels prior to any polishing work. This will remove bonded contaminants from the paintwork. The treatment will leave your paintwork feeling as smooth as glass.

– Machine polishing of all paintwork to remove paint dulling, minor scratches, and swirl marks. Reducing the appearance of moderate scratches, blemishes, and fingerprint marks. This will also give the deepest shine possible


– A full application of Autoglym high definition wax to all bodywork, door shuts, and underneath areas. This is an enduring hard wax that protects against airborne contaminants attaching to the paintwork and marring the shine or rusting the paintwork. This treatment will last around six months.

Please note that you can add any valet point to a lesser valet. Price is to be agreed upon booking.

Extras for interior and exterior valets-

– Signwriting removal from £150 – £300, depending on the number of words, method of application, and the size of the vehicle.

– Machine polishing of a whole car from £100 – £250, single panels from £50.

– Paint spots on exterior bodywork and/or concrete residue from building work mistakes from £100 – £700.

– Fabric roof treatments:

– The first treatment will remove the mold buildup and other blemishes from soft tops. Treatments range from £90 – £120, depending on roof size. This includes spraying the roof for future protection against mold buildup and water ingress damage.

– Milk spills, smoking smells, pet odors, mold or damp problems, vomit removal, bacteria removal, insect and maggot removal, signwriting removal, and machine polishing are all in a week’s work for us. Please ring Alex for a personal quote on 07521 154 699 for these types of jobs only. For all regular bookings, please call the office on 0800 122 33 97 or 07514 647 393.